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When dropping off documents is not feasible, kindly refer to the upload instructions below.

Important:  We charge $50 for printing more than 2 tax documents uploaded online. 

We know that uploading your tax documents online is convenient for you, but it makes us spend more time and resources to print and sort them at our office. If you can easily reach or mail our office, please help us work faster by bringing or sending us the paper copies of the documents we need to prepare your returns.  One or two documents per tax year will not incur a fee.  

If you still prefer to upload your annual tax documents online, please follow these guidelines:

  • Upload only after you have all your annual tax documents ready.
  • Name your files like this: Tax Year_Client Name_ Document Type
  • Avoid sending pictures of documents, unless it is just one or two. Pictures are hard to print. You can use an app like “Scannable” to scan your documents.
  • Do not send any files or folders that are password protected. We will not open them.

Thank you for your cooperation!