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Please upload tax documents and files for our review below:

Please note, we prefer you to drop off your documents (instead of uploading) if possible.  Uploading documents means we have to re-print them here at the office so please help us save trees and extra time on your file by dropping them by our office if it is not too far out of your way.

To upload, just fill in your basic information and then attach any files you would like to send us. If you are uploading your annual tax documents please do your best to wait until you have received all of your documents before uploading.  These documents will be delivered to us securely.  


1. If you are able to physically drop it off at our office, do so instead of uploading.
2. Include your last name in the title of each document you upload (when possible).  
3. Please do not send any password protected files or password protected zipped folders.  They will NOT be opened. 

We greatly appreciate your support!