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When dropping off documents is not feasible, kindly refer to the 3 upload steps below ($50 fee).

Please Note: Beginning in 2023 (for 2022 tax returns) there will be a $50 printing fee for more than 2 tax documents uploaded through our website.  

Uploading documents requires printing time and resourcing at our office. If our office is not too far out of your way please help us allocate our valuable time to preparing your returns by dropping off/mailing required documentation. Documents we don't have to print help save trees.

3 upload steps for your annual tax documents:

  1. Wait until you have received all your supporting annual tax documentation before uploading.  
  2. Label your documents using the following File Naming Convention Tax Year_Client Name_ Document Type
  3. Please do not submit pictures of documents (unless it is just one or two).  Pictures are difficult for us to print.
  4. Do not send any password protected files or password protected zipped folders; protected files will NOT be opened.

 We greatly appreciate your support!